Lynn Boggess

Artist Statement

Lynn paints from nature, in the field, as opposed to working in the studio from photographs, which is how most contemporary landscape artists paint. Many of his canvases are so large that he has to work from a modified scaffold he builds for each painting.

He uses 5 different sizes of cement trowel as his brush. He goes out to the back-country to a spot that moves him, sets up his easel, then camps at the site for several days until his painting is finished.

He grew up on a farm near Parkersburg, West Virginia where most of his time was spent out of doors. Painting on site takes him back to the streams and hillsides.……..back in touch with his roots.

His paintings at a distance look like photographs, one feels as though you are walking in a stream or climbing a mountain path. Snow scenes capture the wind blowing or the serene beauty of a snowy winter day.

He has developed a unique style that is a combination of representational, impressionistic and abstraction which he calls high realism. On close inspection, you’ll see the thick luscious layers of oil paint which makes you want to touch the painting.

Cooper Gallery is pleased to be Lynn’s premier private gallery since 2001.

Price List

80×68 – $35,000
46×40 – $12,500.
26×22 – $5000.
15×30 – $4500.
64×54 – $24,000.
40 x 34 – $10,000.
20 x 17 – $3,500.
54×46 – $17,000
30 x 26 – $6500. 70×60-$27,000. 13×15-$2000.
12 x 24 – $3,000
18×36-$6000. 24×48-$9000.